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Satirical, politically incorrect, counter cultural t-shirts and hoodies—designed to trigger regressive leftists, special snowflakes, social justice warriors (SJWs), radical third wave feminists, socialists and communists. The designs found on this site focus on the following subject matter (among other things):

Right wing populism, conservatism, nationalism, anti feminism, anti SJW, anti socialism, anti communism, anti EU, anti globalism, the regressive left, woke culture, intersectionality, identity politics, cultural Marxism, political correctness, fake news (especially CNN), Brexit (and Remoaners), pro Trump, pro capitalism, pro freedom of speech, and of course, free helicopter rides for members of Antifa.

View all 5g alex jones ann coulter anti 5g anti antifa anti bill gates anti cashless society anti communist anti EU anti face mask anti feminist anti globalism anti great reset anti greta anti leftist anti liberal anti lockdown anti microchip anti new normal anti new world order anti NPC anti NWO anti PC anti political correctness anti SJW anti social distancing anti social justice warrior anti socialist anti vaccine anti vax anti vaxx anti vaxxer anti WHO anti woke anti world health organisation anti world health organization ben shapiro boris johnson brexit brexit party children's health defense china lied china virus conservative convid 19 coronavirus covid 19 covid 1984 cultural marxism donald trump douglas murray event 201 fake news free speech freedom of speech gavin mcinnes hoodies id2020 identity politics infowars intersectionality jordan peterson judy mikovits katie hopkins keep america great kekistan kung flu laura loomer lefty tossers libtard men's rights activism men's rights movement MGTOW microaggression microchip milo yiannopoulos MRA nationalism new normal new world order nigel farage NPC meme NWO orange man bad paul joseph watson people died plandemic politically incorrect pro capitalist regressive left remoaner republican right wing populism robert f kennedy jr safe space scamdemic sheeple shitlord snowflake social distancing special snowflake steven crowder t-shirts tommy robinson trigger warning trump 2020 tucker carlson UKIP woke culture world health organisation world health organization wuhan